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Michelle Richard flatly rejects the gift given to her by Melanie Maynard

Michelle Richard flatly rejects the gift given to her by Melanie Maynard

While passing to Salty sweet On Tuesday evening, the great Quebec star, Michelle Richard, spoke about several aspects of her life, most notably the fact that she left Saint-Sauveur to move to her new haven of peace.

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Throughout the interview, which stars in its own documentary, she delivers Joel LegendreShe discussed the many sacrifices she had to make throughout her career, including having children and, most importantly, saying goodbye to her private life.

Now a little away from the artistic scene, and by choice, the 77-year-old singer admitted that she only travels for real occasions, because she feels “literally in heaven” in her new home.

And at the end of the interview, he is Melanie Maynard, Which has already finished filming its first season Salty sweetwho decided to make a “hostess gift” to the great lady so appreciated by so many Quebecers.

However, it appears it was a decision that Melanie Maynard regrets, based on Michelle Richard’s absolutely hilarious reaction.

Screenshot / Sweet and salty

In fact, the singer flatly rejected Melanie’s gift, which consisted of two pairs of Crocs: a luxurious pair with a fur collar, which Melanie Maynard thought the singer would love, and another pair covered in glitter.

“I wouldn’t even wear that to the bank!” she replied, with her trademark cold, sarcastic sense of humor.

Screenshot / Sweet and salty

“you are crazy!” she added, absolutely hilarious.

Screenshot / Sweet and salty

“I wear slippers to the bank, but not this one,” she added, eliciting an enthusiastic laugh from the visibly surprised host.

Screenshot / Sweet and salty

“This is where you didn’t understand anything!”

TV’s most comedic moment!

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