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Michelle Cortemanche causes massive upset in "Bonsoir bonsoir!"

Michelle Cortemanche causes massive upset in “Bonsoir bonsoir!”

Jean-Philippe Vauthier was on vacation, and comedian Alexandre Barrett took the lead in animation at the popular summer show Good evening!.

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In the episode that aired last TuesdayBarrett found himself in a somewhat awkward position.

During an interview with Alex Peron, the latter asked him if he had children, to which the actor replied, “No.”

On the set, there was also Michelle Cortemanche (who actually played Alex Peron’s lover in the series 3x none), which he followed by asking if he was “working on it”.

Barrett looked really awkward and didn’t seem to know what to answer when Courtmanche called him again:

“Do you have 30 cents in the machine?”

Alex Peron added to this by asking if he had a girlfriend. Courtemanche returned in force.

“Well, has anyone sucked you since then?”

Barrett tried to regain control of the group and tried to continue her interview with her former classmatecurved atoms. But Courtmanche is not finished.

“Well there! he asked, with mime support.

Embarrassed, Barrett ended up admitting that yes, he did have a girlfriend, but he quickly changed the subject.

Great TV anyway.

Also on the bag of potato chips:

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