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Micheline Lanctout opens up about her extraordinary love story

In 2014, Micheline Lanctout told us she reconnected with an ex she hadn’t seen in 37 years.

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After nine years of this confidence, the actress declares that she is still in love with the same man whose identity she keeps a secret. “My boyfriend is a former geographer who recycled into gardening and landscaping. We met in 1977 in the States. When I moved back to live in Quebec, we lost touch. In 2014, when I was a widow since 2010, I sent her a note. That’s how he got us back.” We called her and we’ve been together ever since.Our story is a little like that of my uncle, who at ninety married the blonde he had at seventeen and found in his retirement home.

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The actress and her boyfriend of a few years are rooted in Philipsburg in the Eastern Townships. A girl who is already a grandmother — her daughter, Simone, has three children who will be 15, 10 and 8 — will see her family grow. “I have a fourth grandchild coming in the summer.” Her son, Francis, and his lover chose to keep the baby’s gender by surprise. Professionally, Micheline Lanctout is part of a team the border. “I will also be shooting this spring for the second seasons ofWith a beating heart for Radio Canada and Blueberry time Eliko Club. I work out a lot and am very happy about it! “

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