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Michel Bergeron “The Damned” makes an amazing milk spike

The fact that Joel Armia is paired with Nick Suzuki, Wednesday Against the Lightning, blew Michelle Bergeron.

during his period without the netThe former coach did not hesitate to give his way of thinking.

“It’s like sending a gang of plumbers to a dentists’ conference. They don’t work! It pisses me off! We all love Jeremiah. He’s cute. He’s a big guy at six-foot-four and he doesn’t hit anybody and he doesn’t have any targets. Again, he plays with Suzuki”.

The analyst added that during his time in charge of the Nordiques, he could never have tolerated such treatment of Peter Stastny.

“I’ll tell you, honestly, if it had happened in my time, a fourth line player with Peter Stastny, Peter wouldn’t have ended his existence. He would have gone back to the bench and he would have said to me ‘I want to talk to you.’ I probably would have told him we could talk tomorrow morning.”

Bergeron’s anger wouldn’t stop there. There are also some questions about the Brendan Gallagher case.

Brendan Gallagher took the trip to Florida. He was injured for so long we didn’t even know the nature of the injury. If the Canadians had traveled to Buffalo and Columbus, would Gallagher have been on the trip? With seven feet of snow in Buffalo, to ask the question is the answer.

Watch the relevant segment in the video above

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