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Michel Bergeron bursts into tears … anger …

– amazing…

Michel Bergeron must watch his heart…

– throws BLACK WRATH at the Jean-Charles Lajoie show.

Maybe this is a bit of an improvisation festival. Jeff Gorton, Kent Hughes and Martin St. Louis do anything.”

“It affects the youngsters. It’s a scramble, you see your teammates who don’t work for you.

“(Joel) Edmondson yesterday, I thought he was still playing with (David) Peron in St. Louis. I got the impression he wanted to pass the puck to him to finish his hat-trick. Edmondson, I’ve been making studs since November.”

“Brendan Gallagher, he’s back in the game rested, his adrenaline pumping, he scores three and there he is… I think he’s ‘shining’ the golf clubs,”

“It is unacceptable that some veterans seem to care about the current state of the club.”

“I had a very difficult season leading a Nordiques team that had a bit of talent, but never gave up.”

“When I left, I cried, my comrades were fighting like dogs.”

I’ve coached “some (players) like the Canadian at the moment, but the only difference is they come out of there bruised.”

– Calm Passion Bergi…


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