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Mi Smart Band 6 review: larger screen and oximetry of Xiaomi's inexpensive activity sensor

Mi Smart Band 6 review: larger screen and oximetry of Xiaomi’s inexpensive activity sensor

There is no revolution in the interface, the Mi Smart Band 6 still relies on its touch screen to scroll through the different displays. A horizontal swipe gives access to widgets: weather information and audio player (music played from the smartphone) in the initial configuration, but you can choose others via the Mi Fit app (activities, heart rate monitor, etc.).

By default, the home screen displays the time, date, weather, and heart rate. Four metrics indicate the number of steps taken and calories burned during the day, a PAI score (Personal Activity Intelligence) and finally sensor independence. It is possible to choose another presentation to highlight some information that we consider priority or simply to take advantage of another design, Xiaomi by offering several to download from the Mi Fit app.

For their part, the functions of the Mi Smart Band 6 are arranged in a graduated list. You can access it simply by swiping the screen vertically. Shows the following functions respectively: overall status (steps taken and calories burned), PAI, heart rate, SpO2, sleep, notifications, training, training history, stress, breathing, events, alarm, weather, music, world clock , settings and “more” (flashlight, timer, camera trigger, stopwatch, timer, smartphone locator functions).

Mi Smart Band 6 is also able to display notifications from the smartphone to which it is connected: messages, email, calendar, social networks … on the wrist. Although the narrow screen format is not very conducive to reading messages, the readability is correct and enough to quickly jot down the information and decide if it is worth sending our smartphone to us.

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