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Mexico / USA: Bishops demand protection of immigrants

The bishops of the border dioceses in Mexico and the United States call on the governments of both regions to follow a common policy for immigrants in the border region. According to a joint statement by Mexican and American bishops released Monday on the website of the Latin American Council of Bishops CELAM, those responsible for protecting, supporting and co-ordinating immigrants across the border must work together.

“The goal is to respect human rights,” the letter said. In addition, it is necessary to work with other countries to combat the causes of flight that force entire families to leave their homes and live in disarray. According to media reports, the number of refugees and immigrants from Latin America across the border has increased significantly in recent weeks.

In this context, church officials supported a common policy based on arguments that “recognize the value of family unity, health, and its protection”; Particular attention should be paid to groups of people who are “truly vulnerable, just like children in exile.” With this in mind, they proposed legislative reforms to “create a culture that welcomes immigrants without violating the sovereignty and security of nations.”

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