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Metropolis Grenoble.  Engineering students share their love of science with school children

Metropolis Grenoble. Engineering students share their love of science with school children

Several students from the engineering school Phelma are participating in the “Partager la science” project, which consists of delivering interventions in the Grenoble classrooms of the Priority Education Network (REP) on specific topics. We are organizing two scientific symposiums, May 11 and May 1any June”, explained Mathilde, one of the students, this Thursday. During these seminars, engineering students gave a science presentation and children presented the experiments they carried out. Creating rainbows, understanding evaporation or even capturing fog, this is what students learned from four CM1 / CM2 classes in Fontaine (Marcel-Cachin School, Jules-Ferry School, Town Hall and Jeanne-Labourbe School.) These scientific experiments were made possible by the intervention of ten students of the Grenoble INP – Phelma: Adèle, Armand, Luca, Blandine, Aude, Emmanuelle, Antoine, Rémy, Marthe and Mathilde as part of the educational project “Partager la science” during the first year of the Faculty of Engineering.

Interventions on various topics and generalization

Organized since 2017 by Grenoble INP – Phelma, this project connects primary school classes and their teachers with Phelma students divided into pairs or threes. Two professors assisted the students: Aurélien Kuhn, professor at Phelma, and Eric Martinet, professor at Cité internationale. This year, each class was able to conduct experiments during two presentations organized by the students on various scientific topics such as light, water, plants, or even simulating nature. The elders had to carry out the work of popularizing science in order to transfer their taste for science to the younger ones and introduce them to scientific methods.

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This great adventure ended with two scientific conferences: the first was held in Menatek on Thursday, May 11th. The afternoon ended with pavilions put on by pupils and students so that everyone could share their experiences; The second will happen on 1any June at Girard Philippe de Fontaine College.