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Metro Festival: Lil Wayne starts 3 hours late and sings 15 minutes

Lil Wayne performed last night at the Metro Festival, but not without delay.

The festival started three hours later than scheduled due to technical problems.

After such a risky start, the show went well, until the headliners took the stage.

When Lil Wayne began his performance, there was no time for viewers to go to the bathroom, sneeze, or blink, as the star only sang for 15 minutes. The show ended abruptly at 11:01 pm, when his microphone snapped.

The rapper still has time to perform songs like Mr. CarterAnd Mona LisaAnd sensationAnd Bluin Bluin And 6ft 7ftwarmly thanked the crowd between each song.

Fortunately, the festival ended without a hitch this time. Remember, flooding occurred last year when several festival-goers overturned a security barrier to enter without paying while others climbed onto the pitch to avoid paying the entry fee.

This year, the festival’s organizers made sure the site was a little safer. Longer and stronger barriers were erected, and the festival mobilized more security guards to monitor the site.

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