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metasense?  A bit complicated but necessary

metasense? A bit complicated but necessary

Minerva just published (April 2023) an article titled “Metascience as a Scientific Social MovementThe authors are American and comment. It is a movement that few of our colleagues know about. Symposium 2019, at Stanford, used for ideas in this article. All information on this symposium is freely available, This site is rich. I attended the 2021 webinar remotely, and it was great.

Metascience is an old term

Discussed and quoted by the authors: Metascience of Hadith is not derived from the philosophy of science nor from the characteristics of empirical research that have characterized the past four decades in the social studies of the sciences. On the contrary, it is rather an intellectual and political reaction to popular discourse that science is currently experiencing a “crisis of reproduction”. It is the belief that science faces widespread replication problems caused by a combination of increased competition, incentives that reward unexpected results, and lax control over bad science or fraudulent science.

The activity of methodologists is the basis of metascience

DrIn this article, the opposite is shown, complicated at first sight … but well done. It is the meeting of open science, research about research and methodological activity. Research integrity is part of these movements.

Excellent quotes in this article.. there is everything!

Research funding mostly comes from foundations, which is insufficient and very small compared to research grants. I quote from the Director of Welcome Trust: Two trillion dollars are spent on research and development around the world. And what’s really cool about a two trillion dollar company is that we don’t know how it works, what works and how to make it work.

Note: I thank S. Boukassim Al-Zaqmouri for his tweet.

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