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Les membres de Metallica s'embrassent sur scène après que James Hetfield, ému, s'est confié à eux sur son manque de confiance en lui

Metallica members kiss on stage after emotional James Hetfield opens up about his lack of self-confidence

James Hetfield Metallica He has been performing on stage for over four decades now. He’s known around the world as one of the best and most iconic characters of all time, but he’s still human and, like everyone else, sometimes insecure.

As the group’s previous documentary, Some Kind Of Monster, released in 2004 shows, Hetfield, especially in his early days, always tried to portray a “difficult” image, but even the toughest of us are sometimes emotional.

It’s no secret that Metallica has faced many difficulties over the years, including profound differences among its members. However, today the Quartet appears to be more stable and closer than ever.

This impression is reinforced by the fact that during the concert on May 12 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Hetfield moved visibly and explained to the audience his fears and anxieties, gaining support from his bandmates, before embarking on Sad But True.

He said: “I have to tell you I didn’t feel much better before coming here. I didn’t feel confident in myself, like, I’m an old man, I can’t play anymore… All this bullshit I’m having is in my head.”

“So I talked to my guys, and they helped me – it’s that simple. They hugged me and said, ‘If you’re struggling on stage, we’re here to support you. And I tell you, it means a lot to me.'”

Following this revelation, the other band members rushed over to Hetfield to hug him as spectators watched.

Once everyone was back in their seats, the singer added: “When I see you all here, I [réalise] I’m not alone. I’m not alone, and neither are you.

You can watch the videos for this episode below.

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In 2019, Hetfield returned to rehab, due to alcohol issues. Today, he’s focused on “taking care of himself,” in his own words, and putting his newly acquired wisdom to use in a new appreciation of life.

James Hetfield was conveyed during a concert at Mineirão Stadium:

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Metallica – Sad but true (Mineirao, Belo Horizonte, Brazil):