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Meta Updates Facebook Reels to Fight TikTok

Meta Updates Facebook Reels to Fight TikTok

dead Continue her fight against tik tok Throw Facebook To take advantage of the popularity of short video content.

Already available for some users, dead Make Facebook Available in 150 additional regions, with a new screen rollers At the top of the user feeds. This will attract more people to watch more clips with the new feature, while FB It will also add new creative tools and features to further encourage adoption.

Facebook It will include a remix feature to encourage popular interaction, while content creators will also be able to post Facebook For a maximum of 60 seconds, depending on the extension rollers FromInstagram It was launched last July. Users will also be able to participate rollers at Stories.

In addition to this, FB Add drafts too rollers And a new video clip option will make it easier for content creators to post live or long-form recorded videos to experiment with different formats. The latter is important because like YoutubeAnd the FB It seeks to use the short form option as a complementary channel, while giving content creators the opportunity to build a community and maximize monetization potential through longer content as well.

That’s why this other wrinkle is also interesting – in addition to the extended release of FacebookAnd the FB I also launched a new promotional campaign for the ever-growing long-form video creators.

The main message is that short content is great, but long content is where the money is. And the tik tok You cannot offer both.

FB Also testing more direct monetization tools for rollersincluding expanding its rewards program playing reels For best performance clips.

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