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Mercedes-Benz adds power-tuning updates for the EQS and EQE

Mercedes-Benz adds power-tuning updates for the EQS and EQE

Mercedes-Benz SUV EQS | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

  • Power-ups cost more, but they deliver great results

  • Try it for a month or buy it for the life of your vehicle

Are you unhappy with your car’s performance? Mercedes-Benz allows you to buy more power for your electric sedan or SUV. Throttle on demand can add up to 80 horsepower and reduce acceleration times.

At launch, this feature will be available on the Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 and EQS 450 models. These are the sedan and SUV versions of those two models, if you’re not familiar with the naming conventions for the Mercedes-Benz EQ.

On EQE 350 models, the top-of-the-line update increases engine power from 288 to 348 hp. This allows them to reach 100 km/h per second faster and should have beneficial effects on highway overtaking and similar maneuvers.

EQS 450 models see power increase by 80bhp to 435. That’s enough to bring the sedan’s 0-100km/h to under five seconds. Benz says these changes don’t reduce the car’s range either, though that depends largely on how you use the extra power.

For EQE owners, power-ups start at $75 per month or $750 for a one-year subscription. A lifetime subscription to the system is $2,500, and that’s for the life of the vehicle, not the term of ownership.

Adding the accelerator system to EQS is more expensive. $115 per month or $1,150 per year. The lifetime option here is $3,800.

This is just the latest Benz Air Update add-on service. The Mercedes me connect store also offers functions such as entry-level driving modes, comprehensive navigation functions, AMG Track Pace and much more.

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