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Blaise Patrix (deuxième à gauche), fils de l

Merc-les-Bains: Retrospective by Michelle Patricks at Espace Jacques Bravert

Blaise Patrix (second from left), the son of the artist featured in this retrospective exhibition, was present to guide visitors, including Emmanuel McKeet, Vice-Somme, Michel Delbin, mayor, and Jean-Gabriel Rolleri, deputy cultural affairs. The Lady with the Scarf, Michelle Patrix, 1951. (© L’Informateru /

To reopen it, the Jack Bravert’s Gallery Room from Mers-les-bains (som)It honors the painter’s work Michelle Patricks. A painter and symbolic engraver, the latter marked the 1950s and neo-Cubism.

“We are very excited to be able to reopen with a painter of this quality!” He welcomed Jean-Gabriel RolleriAssistant for cultural affairs on the occasion of the opening.

Revealing penalty

Born in Cabourg in 1917, Michelle Patrix was 13 years old when his drawing teacher punished him with drawing a watercolor. A revealing punishment that later led him to move to Paris, where he settled in 1941.

With a collective spirit, it is part of the movement known as the “Second School of Paris”. In 1942, he joined the “Ladder Group”, which was used to climb roofs to observe the capital’s landscapes. Later on, he joined the “Jeune Peinture” movement, of which he was a member.

Displayed around the world

Michel Patrix died in 1973 and is known and exhibited all over the world, notably in the Center Pompidou and in the museums of São Paulo, Caracas and Moscow.

The exhibition unveils several periods of his work, and highlights the evolution of the artist’s themes, style, and installations. Starting with sharp lines and strong colors, move on to representations of softer landscapes. It was also inspired by the region, representing among other things the cliffs in blue, ocher and green, giving a regular accord.

The gallery is open for free visits or in groups, and for first weekend visitors, it was possible to meet the painter’s son, Blaise Patrix, who is also an artist, for a guided tour.

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The exhibition is visible until June 13 at Jacques-Prévert Space, 3, Street Paul Doumer in Mers-les-Bains, Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 7 pm and Monday afternoons for a free visit.