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Memorial Cup: Bulldogs Champion Jan Mysak, who joins Sea Dogs in the final

Memorial Cup: Bulldogs Champion Jan Mysak, who joins Sea Dogs in the final

Prospective Canadian player Jan Misak has yet to score or score in three matches since the start of the Memorial Cup. Let’s say in extra time on Monday evening in the semi-finals, the moment was chosen well to open.

Mysak hit the target to play the champions after 10:08 in overtime and allowing the Hamilton Bulldogs to join the Saint John Sea Dogs in the Memorial Cup Final.

“Nathan Staios kept the ball on his stick for two minutes and I was struggling with a defender,” said Mishak, a prospective from the Montreal Canadiens. I saw the shot and created space for myself. The puck dismissed the ball and went into the net. not bad! ยป

The Bulldogs defeated the Shawinigan Cataracts 4-3 in the semifinals.

This means that two Canadian candidates will be in the final, because in addition to Mysak, defender Arber Xhekaj is also part of the Bulldogs line-up.

Hamilton could win the Memorial Cup for the first time, while St. John’s are chasing their first title since 2011.

The Bulldogs were the first to knock on the door early in the match. Mason McTavish made a brilliant fake for goalkeeper Antoine Colombian, before seeing his shot hit the bar.

Moments later, Cataractes had bad luck as well, with Daniel Agostino sweeping a puck ball off the crossbar in turn.

Then after five minutes of playing in the first half, Mavrik Bourque benefited from the huge work of Maximilien Ledoux to open the brand. Ledoux worked so hard to let Falls hold the disc, which eventually ended up on Burke’s stick in front of the net. This goal allowed Burke to score his seventh championship point and take the lead in scoring.

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Hamilton wasted no time before filing the appeal. After a few moments, Artem Grushnikov redirected a superb pass from McTavish behind Coulombe To get everyone back to square one.

McTavish returned to the shipment very quickly in the middle of the period. He left a major league pitch from the top of the confrontation circuit to put the Bulldogs in the driver’s seat for the first time in the game.

Apparently, the waterfall refused to give up. Olivier Nadeau then deflected a shot from Isaac Maynard In the net to tie the match 2-2.

Late in the second half, Waterfall had a great opportunity to take the lead, but Charles Beaudoin and Burke were frustrated by goalkeeper Marco Costantini, who excelled in keeping the tie.

The cataracts came close to finding themselves in a disability in the middle of the third period. Avery Hayes shot on the reception from the mouth of the net and the puck crossed the goal line, but officials confirmed that there was no goal in the goal line due to the referee’s whistle, which was hastily judged by the Bulldog, which was heard a little earlier.

Then Shawinigan made sure not to waste this little gift that had fallen from the sky. After a few moments, William Villette skillfully converted a shot from the point to the back of the net To give cataracts a lead midway through the third period.

Then, on their 36th shot of the game, Bulldog came from behind with one goal. With 6:04 left in the third period, Logan Morrison gets rid of Agostino’s leaked cover To accept a pocket pass and take the score 3-3 and force the extension. Xhekaj received a assist in the line, his fourth point in the tournament.

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In the middle of overtime, Mysak redirected a shot from Nathan Staios to give the Bulldogs the last ticket to the final.

Cataracts gave their all

The Colombian goalkeeper made a good match in the loss, stopping 39 of the 43 shots he faced. At the other end of the rink, Costantini blocked 33 discs.

This is how the Waterfall dream ended, as they were aiming for their first Anniversary Cup Final appearance since their 2012 victory. Shawinigan won the President’s Cup two weeks ago.

The final will be played on Wednesday evening, at 6 pm on the airwaves RDS.

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