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Mellal has until Sunday to settle the cases of Benbout, Souad and Ait Abdel Salam

Mellal has until Sunday to settle the cases of Benbout, Souad and Ait Abdel Salam

President Mellal was scheduled to meet with defender Badr El-Din Souad the day after the League Cup final in front of Maqra, that is, yesterday evening, to try to persuade him to extend, but with the fires that swept the Kabylie region, he would have decided that. He postpones his meeting with him.

He must meet him soon to try to convince him to extend. He might invite her to the negotiating table today or tomorrow. After offering him a salary of 130 million cents a month, he added 20 million cents to persuade him to extend. Even if Souad gave his priority to JS Kabylie, he asked his boss for a moment of reflection while wishing to touch his arrears before signing the new contract. It is clear that President Mellal will do everything in his power to find common ground with him. As for the guard, Osama Benbout, President Mellal offered him a salary of 110 million centimes a month a few days ago, but he wanted it to be estimated at a fair value. Although he received several offers, one of which exceeded 200 million cents before President Mellal offered him an offer to extend the contract, Benbout prioritizes JS Kabylie. He shined in the yellow and green jersey and did not forget it. All he wants is for them to be valued at their fair value. It is very likely that President Mellal will make a financial effort to find a deal with him. Although the administration has contacted a few guards including Sidi Salah, President Mellal will surely do everything in his power to reach an agreement with him.

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As for Ait Abdel Salam, President Mellal offered him 120 million cents before adding 10 million cents. He allegedly made him another financial offer to try to convince him to extend. Ait Abdeslam has not talked about his future, but he will be open to all negotiations. Even President Mellal will undoubtedly do his best to stop him. Ait Abdeslam is one of the club’s sons and with everything he has shown since last season in the Canary shirt, the leaders of JS Kabylie will do what is necessary to find common ground with him.

1August 5

Since the Confederation of African Football has set August 15 as the deadline for sending the list of players who will participate in the various continental competitions, President Mellal will not only have to send the names of the new recruits, but also the names of the players. Current players who will be affected by the CAF Cup. That is why he will have to settle the cases of Benbout, Souad and Ait Abdel Salam before Sunday. Like all captains, he is also affected by all these fires that devastated the Kabylie region and claimed many lives, but since he is bound by this deadline to send the names that will participate next season in the CAF Cup, he will have to look at this file before Sunday. He has already obtained the services of Arba resident Abdul Malik Okil and international financial player from Stade Malian Yacouba Doumbia and is about to finish with the Ethiopian international and left-back Ain and Sarah Yasser Benchelev.

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