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Melissa Bedard sends a strong message

Melissa Bedard sends a strong message

actress, Singer, host and Spokesperson for New Discover-US Campaign In favor of cultural diversity Melissa Bedard She is filled with talent, sweetness, humor, and beauty, but most of all she is inspiring. Oh really.

On her Instagram account, the beauty shares a photo of her in underwear with an overly inspirational message underneath. Although this isn’t her first strong message from self love, that is We made brailleur at a conclusion can you hear me? He uses his platform for the right reasons by sending powerful messages, focusing on self-esteem, but also on diversity.

« I was meeting myself every day, and I tamed myself a little. The more minutes passed, the more beautiful I found myself, I felt satisfied and then my brother, I turned on the internet and went back! I’d like a stronger chest, hourglass look, and long hair. In short, I would like everything, except to be me, but I realized that no matter your height and size, you will always compare yourself to your neighbor. she writes.

His message touches us, echoes loud and clear on the Internet. Personalities like Melissa Bidard, there will never be enough. We want to thank her today. Because thanks to his poignant and powerful messages, we remember that we have a right to be beautiful and beautiful, beyond appearances.

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