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Confinement record en Australie: Melbourne voit le bout du tunnel

Melbourne sees the end of the tunnel

The people of Melbourne were finally delivered.

Australia’s most European city has set a world record of 262 days in prison. However, the rules for welcoming the public will be very strict and not all shops and restaurants will reopen. Travel between Melbourne and other parts of the state of Victoria has been banned, despite the end of the locking and curfew order. A new phase of rehabilitation will take place in early November, when 80% of the ineligible population will be vaccinated.

Demonstrations erupted these days with an increase in the anger of the controlled.
At the end of last August, the government announced that it was accelerating the vaccination campaign, which was too late compared to other cities in the world. 70% to 80% of the population was promised to remove the restrictions as soon as they were vaccinated. As of October 20, nearly 70% of the population of the state of Victoria had been vaccinated, despite 1,841 cases being reported in 24 hours.

Since the onset of the epidemic, the landmass has taken drastic measures to ensure that the island leaves the island. After the first wave, the second appeared in the first days of summer in November 2020. Melbourne is limited to 100 days.
According to Sydney, the prison sentence was lifted on October 11, shortly before the vaccination.

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