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Mélanie Maynard is the target of satire during the first episode of Sucré Salé

Mélanie Maynard is the target of satire during the first episode of Sucré Salé

It would be fair to say that for many, Sweety salty rhymes with summer.

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Well, just on Monday night, Quebec audiences had the opportunity to celebrate in advance the decidedly long-delayed solstice with the broadcast of the first episode of the 22nd season of their favorite summer culture magazine, hosted this year by Glittery. Melanie Maynard.

Screenshot via Sweet Salty.

To get this new era off to a good start, what could be better than well cooked food?

Screenshot via Sweet Salty.

Yes, in the lead up to the show, Melanie Maynard got to “roast” her castmates and it was hilarious!

Most of the jokes revolve around her new job as a presenter, gently poking fun at the fact that Melanie has been relatively absent from the airwaves before her big comeback as co-host on Children of TV last year.

Screenshot via Sweet Salty.

Screenshot via Sweet Salty.

“Since I passed Sweety salty“I haven’t stopped working,” the host’s daughter exclaimed with a seriousness and a touch of humor Rosalie Boninfant.

whatever Mathieu DufourAnd Marth Laverdure Or even her daughter, Melanie Maynard has received her share of taunts and responded with plenty of sarcasm herself, inviting viewers to laugh along with her.

During this first episode, in addition to this delicious “roast,” emphasis is placed on introducing the various collaborators that audiences will be thrilled to discover throughout the season.

Surrounded by a group of five-star columnists made up of Mathieu Dufour, Patricia PaquinAnd Dave MorissetteAnd Marie-José GoffinAnd Simon BolirisAnd Emily FournierAnd Brian OdetteAnd Varda EtienneAnd Francisco RandezMarth Laverdure Alexander BesilonAnd Genevieve Hebert DumontAnd Jean-Michel LeblondAnd Audrey Roger And Andrian A Malletthe host has officially launched the festivities for this long-awaited 22nd season!

Screenshot via Sweet Salty.

Let summer begin (finally)!

Sweety salty It is broadcast Monday through Friday at 6:30 pm on air from Value added tax. To watch or review episodes, meeting day VAT +.

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