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Melanie Maynard and Julie Belanger Are Open About Their Argument: ‘I’ve Been In More Pain Than Me’

From May 23, Julie Bélanger will present a new show on the VRAI platform, incompletewhere you will offer amazing encounters with the characters.

She met privately with Melanie Maynard, with whom she had a major falling out during that time Two girls in the morning.

The first excerpt from the documentary series shows us the power of this frank encounter between the two artists.

Melanie Maynard first indicated that people close to her told her things she didn’t know about their disagreement.

I haven’t tried it the same way. Of course, he wasn’t looking, he stirred up the business, a picture of me that I didn’t like. You had much more pain than me. I hurt you because I didn’t have the sensitivity at the time to understand what you were going through. Without giving any justification or anything, I was not diagnosed with ADHD at the time. “,” indicates the new host of Sweety salty.

Julie Belanger replies as follows: I’ve been able to undo the armor of toughness and performance and, you know, I always had to be perfect. I had this mental insanity. I broke all my things. Me, I was just trying to get you to love me somewhere. I said to myself: when I am perfect, no one can criticize me. It didn’t work for you. So everything crashed. And it had to be broken. You have really been a catalyst in my recovery. “.

See the full excerpt below.

Remember that the feud between the two characters will also be discussed in Sweety salty. More details here.

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