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Meghan Markle was afraid her father would release a letter amid a lawsuit

Meghan Markle was afraid her father would release a letter amid a lawsuit

Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, fears that a letter she wrote to her father will be leaked to the press, according to the testimony of a former collaborator with the couple revealed Wednesday during the appeals trial over the publication of the letter.

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On the second day of the hearing in London, revelations about the sacking of Prince Harry and his wife Jason Knauf’s former communications secretary went in the direction of defending the tabloid mail on sunday.

The widely-circulated newspaper is appealing in an appeal a court ruling that found, in the first instance, that the publication of this private letter from Meghan was “manifestly excessive and therefore illegal”.

US actress Meghan Markle, 40, has won the privacy lawsuit she filed against the newspaper in February. She accuses him of publishing a letter written in 2018, in which she asked her father, Thomas Markle, 77, to stop streaming and lying in the media about their broken relationship.

In his testimony at the proceedings, Jason Knauf explained that Meghan Markle feared that her father did not respect the confidentiality of their conversations because he cooperated with the press.

Thus, the draft of the letter was written bearing in mind that “she can escape,” according to Mr. Knauf, “the Duchess indicated to me that she realized it was possible” that her father “made it public.”

According to Andrew Caldecott, attorney for the publisher of The Mail on Sunday, The Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), this testimony conflicts with “the schedule presented to the judge” which according to him was “a completely private letter sent to the court. The eyes of Mr. Markle.”

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In written testimony at this appeals trial, Meghan Markle claimed that she did not believe her father would leak the letter she believed to have given him in an unfavorable light, but that it was a possibility.”

His lawyers argue that Prince Harry’s wife decided to write the letter after a discussion with prominent members of the royal family, and Mr. Knauf was unaware.

Prince Harry, 37, sixth in line to the British throne, has repeatedly denounced the media pressure on the couple as the main reason for his withdrawal from the royal family, as of April 2020.

The appeal continues through Thursday.