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Meghan Markle and Harry back in England: the question everyone is asking

Meghan Markle and Harry back in England: the question everyone is asking

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will return to the UK on September 5 to attend various charity events. A highly anticipated visit, especially since the couple may meet Elizabeth II. Windsor Castle or Balmoral? The press is amazed.

It’s no longer a secret, Meghan Markle And this Prince Harry will do Their big comeback On British soil on September 5th A Young World Summit, in Manchester. The Sussex, those who stay there only for a few days, will not have even a minute to themselves. After attending the Young World Summit, an event that brings together young leaders from 190 countries, Parents Archie and Lilibet Diana Flying to Germany Preparation for the next Invictus GamesIt will be held in Dรผsseldorf in 2023. The couple will then return to England, where they will partake WellChild AwardsIt highlights Motivational qualities ยป British children and young people with serious illnesses. A The program is loaded This does not allow them to delay. However, the question must be asked: Will Meghan and Harry meet the Queen? referred to by Dailymail This August 15th, the duke and duchess’ stay will be complete Inauguration ceremony of the new Prime MinisterWho will meet? Elizabeth II September 6 at Buckingham Palace.

At his full rest Balmoral Summer ResidenceIn Scotland, the sovereign did not speak to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Platinum Jubilee. He then exchanged only 15 minutes with his grandson and his wife. ” They understand that [Meghan et Harry] To see her when she is in Windsor While they are at Frogmore “, underlined the expert of the crown Richard Fitzwilliams, who doubts the presence of the actress and the prince at Balmoral. For his part, the expert Bill Dampier thinks the opposite and bets on the contrary. Close encounterFar from London: I’m sure she is [Elizabeth II] Hoping for a peaceful atmosphere [de Balmoral, ndlr] They are more conducive to talking things out and trying to solve the problems they are facing “, the latter is particularly explained Dailymail.

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Harry and Meghan: Return to All Risks for the Couple

including some journalists,Hello magazine!Doubts as to whether the visit is scheduled, Back to school promises to be busy for Sussex. Prince Harry to publish His memories In autumn, – A Work This could lead to renewed tension with the Windsor clan – starting in September 2021 A legal battle In order to obtain police protection in the country against the British Government and Scotland Yard, which he has lost since his residence in America, and whose withdrawal he is contesting. A service which the Prince considered indispensable and which he proposed to finance. On August 4, Prince William’s brother launched Second appeal It still runs the risk of ink spills.

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