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Meghan and Harry baptize their daughter Lilliput in England?

Meghan and Harry baptize their daughter Lilliput in England?

More than a month after the birth of Sussex’s daughter, rumors are circulating that she is being baptized.

Retired from the United States for more than a year, and separated from the British royal family after strong tensions. Prince Harry And Megan Markle Will they decide to have their daughter baptized in the coming weeks? Rumors that the channel is an organization of events are widespread in any case.

On July 16, 2021 “Daily Mail», Sussex may return to the United Kingdom to be baptized their little Lilliput (born June 4) in 2019, as they did for their son Arch. Their preference? This will give the Queen, the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, the opportunity to attend the event. However, its success depends on the current restrictions associated with the health crisis. “(Last in England) Harry told many that Lily should be baptized in Windsor just like her brother. They are happy to wait until circumstances allow it, ”we said.

These new revelations contradict previous rumors that Sussex may decide to baptize their daughter in the United States or not at all. If they confirm the baptism in Windsor, this will be Megan’s first return to the country after “Maxit”. Prince Harry returned to London in early July to unveil a statue of his mother, Diana. Event He was joined by his brother Prince William.

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