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Meghan Markle: la femme du Prince Harry va revenir au Royaume-Uni ?

Megan Markle: Will Prince Harry’s wife return to England?

A return to the UK for Megan Markle could be done in the coming days. Special thanks to her husband Prince Harry

For several months now Megan Markle and Prince Harry Went “deported” from England. Especially since there are so many conflicts with the royal family. However, It might work. However, many rumors suggest this.

Can I return to the United Kingdom?

But for whatever reason it comes Become a mom for the second time Can it return to British soil? In fact, everyone knows that the husband has even relinquished his royal duties. His grandmother was greatly disappointed.

This is why we see mal Megan Markle Return to a land that says “I don’t want her anymore”. However, her husband is really going Back to London. But in a quick way. After all, these are our colleagues List.

Media that actually represent: « Harry will return to London next month For a special occasion. The statue will pay tribute to his late mother Diana. “ This visit is very important.

Because he is This is the prince’s first return. Or rather, he reunited with his brother after the chaos on the side of the crown. After all, according to royal family experts, relations are calming down.

At least two brothers know That it was an important ceremony For their mother who has not been here for many years now. So, to make this day a better day they both need to set aside their worries.

What about Megan Markle. Because if her husband makes this trip, we still don’t know if he will follow him. In this case, our colleagues List They answer. Or rather, Sparked some hypotheses.

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Megan Markle: Will Prince Harry’s wife return to England?

Is Megan Markle back with Prince Harry in London?

According to them, recently became a second time mother Do not travel. This is for a number of reasons. First, it is true that his relationship with the royal family did not improve, as you might expect.

Especially since all of these conflicts are psychologically hurtful. To Megan Markle and Her husband: “Both have officially declared conflicts within the royal family Have caused mental health problems ».

Let me know List Before adding: « That’s why Harry is in therapy. So if there is no need to go back, she is unlikely to do so. “ Royal expert Bill Tampere appeared on the talk show “The Royal Beat”.

During his speech, he expressed his opinion on the possibility Megan Markle returns London: « My personal opinion is that Megan will never come to this country again. I may be completely wrong, but I never thought she would come back. “

It remains to be seen whether the latter is true. But since he is an expert, there is no doubt about it What he says is closer to the truth than anything else. Even so, we can still hope that things will change within that.

And The “enemy” of the royal family makes peace This one.