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Megan Markle and Harry are back in the UK மிக sooner than expected!

Megan Markle and Harry are back in the UK மிக sooner than expected!

Although he has returned to California after a week-long trip to England, the Daily Mail reports that Prince Harry is already scheduled to return to his homeland. He may take a trip this time with his wife Megan Markle.

May be from Prince Harry Return to the UK next September Attend a new memorial service in memory of his mother Diana Daily Mail, This Sunday is July 4. He is probably on a trip With his wife Megan Markle. On Thursday, July 1, the statue was unveiled with a figurine of Diana In the selected group due to health crisis. But Kensington Palace is considering offering a new date in September to pay tribute to William and Harry’s mother. A ceremony to welcome more people, especially the donors who made the project a reality. A moment when Harry wants to attend.

The youngest son of Prince Charles is now staying A week in the UK. This Thursday, July 1, at Kensington Garden, he embarked on a journey to unveil a statue paying homage to his mother Diana, when Princess Hartz must have celebrated her 60th birthday. An event was also marked He was reunited with his brother, Prince William, relations with him are said to have been at least in recent months. Many hoped that Diana’s sons would take advantage of this moment. But if Both brothers appeared with smiles This Thursday, July 1, However, they do not have time to deal with annoying things, Step Daily Mail.

An obvious return to the UK for Harry

It is safe to say that Prince Harry returned to England Express. Archie and Lilliput’s father landed in London on June 25, but had to comply with a five-day lockout. This Thursday, July 1, after the inauguration ceremony, He will only have twenty minutes to leave To To fly to California, Refers to the British newspaper. According to a source quoted The The sun, If nothing else “Talk about peace” This time it happened between the brothers, it may be in September. “It’s a step forward, but it has no time or place.”, Confirms the same source.

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