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Alexandrova conteste les décisions de l'Australie: "Les mesures sont trop drastiques"

“Measures are very tough”

These hours, confirmations are raining and the Australian government’s choice to limit the entry of vaccinated athletes into Australia is only returning to the tennis world.

Although world number one Novak Djokovic is not sure whether he will be vaccinated or not, the 2022 Australian Open is very uncertain and many players are in danger after the end.

The Prime Minister of Victoria Daniel Andrews has made this move unshakable by using the lucky phrase: “The virus doesn’t matter how many Grand Slams you have”, and indeed by warning Noel.

Ekaterina Alexandrova, the 37th tennis player in the world, criticized the move as too harsh. Alexandrova is a former World No. 25 and he has been vaccinated for some time because he will participate in the Australian slam, but he still wanted to comment on this discussed story.

Alexandrova’s words to the Australian question

The tennis player said: “I think these measures are very drastic. The vaccine is self-administered and people have to decide for themselves. It is very difficult to be guided by the people who motivate you to choose this.

It didn’t bother me, I got the vaccine of my own choice after the Olympics, so I think I had no problem. “Many people have recovered, from Alexandrova to tennis players like Rublev and Djokovic. But apparently the organizers cannot change their minds in the face of government decisions and one wonders how this whole situation will be handled.

Immediately after being vaccinated, Alexandrova showed symptoms: “For three days I was not feeling well, I was tired and in pain, but I had no fever.

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I also had a sore, but thankfully after three days everything was fine. “In a few weeks, as Novak Djokovic promised Bild, the rules will be clarified and we will understand that someone is really at risk and can play the first Grand Slam of the year.