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McMorris challenges Parrot فوز win

McMorris challenges Parrot فوز win

According to fellow countryman Mark McMorris, Quebec Maxines Parrott, Canada’s only gold medalist at the Beijing Olympics as of Friday, should not have finished first in the figure skating event.

The Saskatchewanian won the bronze but feels he deserves better. In an interview with CBC on Friday, McMorris said he gave “a performance of the day and one of the best of his life.” His score of 88.53 was only enough for third place on the podium, behind Parrott (90.96) and China’s Su Yiming (88.70).

The 28-year-old snowboarder blamed the winner for losing a board during his descent and not paying enough attention to the judges. If the error had been noticed, Parrot’s score would obviously have suffered.

“It’s usually considered a bad thing,” McMorris told the official broadcaster of the Beijing Games. But the umpires missed it and I’m sure they feel cynical about it. But this is not their fault because the signal we give them is worthless.

Parrot did not make excuses when he spoke with the state-owned company.

“Anyone who knows snowboarding has missed my fist. I don’t hide it,” a Cowansville native said of the result of last Monday’s competition.

Yiming Su supporters also raised their voices against Parrot’s performance, but neither the Chinese nor the McMorris lodged a formal protest.

On Monday, the two Canadians and their compatriot Sebastien Toutant will resume the excitement with the Big Air event.

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