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McDonald's sales decline in France, but explode in US

McDonald’s sales decline in France, but explode in US

Fast food company has reached sales records in the United States, which is not in France and Germany, where McDonald’s has been fined by health restrictions.

The health crisis has reversed McDonald’s sales, which vary by region. In the United States, they are operated due to a sharp increase in orders for traditional burgers and fries, but also for its new poultry products. As a result, sales in the first quarter were higher than before the epidemic.

Fast food company has increased its sales by 7.5%, to the number of single store outlets. An important step in business. Chris Kempsinski, general manager of the restaurant chain, said in a statement that they “exceed the size of the quarter from 2019”.

In the United States, sales rose 13.6%, with an increase in the average order volume and the continued growth of deliveries and orders delivered online, two buying methods that jumped with the epidemic.

McDonald admits that he also benefited from checks sent by the government to many American homes. As growth in the United States continues, this group is struggling to recruit in the country.

“The job market is clearly very tight, which puts pressure on the team and our employers,” Chris Kempczynski said during a conference call. The committee is currently considering what salaries and benefits to offer “to make sure we have the people we need”.

McDonald’s imposes curfew and fines restaurant closures

The international performance of the chain, which has 39,160 companies worldwide, is highly mixed. Sales also took place in the UK, Canada and Australia, China and Japan. In France and Germany they fell sharply, weighing in with the closure of restaurant rooms and curfew orders.

“Government restrictions are expected to ease somewhat in the second quarter, but we do not expect these markets to return to their previous COVID sales levels by the end of the year,” CFO Kevin Ozan said during the conference call.

McDonald’s raised its sales growth expectations, at constant exchange rates, to “about 15%” for the full year, from 10% to 15%.

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In the first quarter, its revenue rose 9% to $ 5.12 billion, exceeding analysts’ estimates (5.03 billion). Its net profit rose 39% to $ 1.54 billion. It was reported at $ 2.05 per share and excluding exceptional items, against the $ 1.81 expected by analysts. The group’s title rose 0.6% during the mid-session on Wall Street.