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Des défenseurs des animaux et de l’environnement bloquent des centres de distribution de McDonlad’s au Royaume-Uni. (Photo by Alastair Pike / AFP)

McDonald’s “disruption” after animal rights activists’ actions

Animal and environmental activists on Saturday blocked several distribution centers of the American fast food chain in the UK. McDonald’s, Claiming it would affect 1,300 restaurants.

« We do this to end the fast food woes that are causing obesity, destroying the Amazon and warming the planet As illustrated in the Twitter animal revolt, the group behind the move targets four Distribution centers Coventry (center), Manchester (north), Basingstoke (south) and Hemel Hampstead near London in the UK. Animal Rebellion has announced that it wants to stay at target sites for at least 24 hours.

“We apologize to our customers for any disappointment”

A spokesman McDonald’s Chain Distribution Centers ” There is currently a problem “She evaluated” Impact on delivery to our restaurants . « We apologize to our customers for any disappointment “, He added.

Animal Rebellion released footage showing activists blocking the entrance to a distribution site in Coventry, central England, using bamboo structures and vans. Coventry police explained on Twitter that they are “engaging with activists” Minimize disruption . « We recognize the right to protest peacefully, but there are security concerns that only one point is blocked from entering and exiting the distribution site, which causes significant disruption to businesses, which we take seriously. Police said.

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