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Avec l’application Rando’Clim, Alban Baudoin espère que de nombreux promeneurs rentreront des observations.

Mayenne: an app for hiking with the help of science

With the Rando’Clim app, Alban Baudoin hopes that many walkers will replay their notes. (© CDLM)

It is now possible to help science by taking a walk. The’Regional Consortium of Permanent Centers for Environmental Initiatives (URCPIE) APP randoclimAvailable in all smartphone app stores.

Its goal: to collect observations on some trees in order to study their effect Global Warming on them. “We have marked trees from our area. On the Mayenne Trail, there are nine different species,” explains Alban Baudouin, Environmental Studies Officer at CPIE Mayenne Bas-Maine.

‘It’s a participatory science’

If the monitoring process is not recent, it was previously performed by paper. “It wasn’t very practical. People were filling out the form and didn’t know who to give it to. With the app, it’s even simpler, you just create an account and you can get started.” The goal is that as many people as possible return feedback.

It is a participatory science. A lot of observations are needed in order for us to have enough data, and therefore, we can take measurements to know the effect of global warming. It is also an awareness tool, each tree has its own descriptive sheet for you to download.

Alban BowdoinEnvironmental Studies Officer at CPIE Mayenne Bas-Maine

On the banners installed in front of the trees to be watched, we find several information: Species namemy son Feel free to browse our product listings and one QR Code. The scanner returns directly to the respective tree page.

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Easy to use app

The application is designed to be easy to use. To start entering a note, you must first select the chosen tree using the QR code or its station number. Then we can enter life stage from the tree as well Percentage of leaves it contains.

Then the note is recorded in the phone. There are pictures to facilitate observation. The application works without the Internet, you only need to send notes at the end. It is practical because some of the paths are devoid of the grid”, identifies Alban Baudouin. Paths are located throughout the area, from Champfremont to me Nanteswayfarer girandi.

To ensure regular monitoring, CPIE works withMaine Hospital. Patients are trained to use the app to become essential tree watchers on the city trail. The CPIE also plans to organize events to raise awareness of global warming.

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