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Max Parrot effectue une figure lors de la finale du grand saut à Pékin.

Maxence Parrot, bronze medalist in the big jump

Thus, he gets his second medal in the Chinese capital after being crowned Slob Style ChampionCanada’s only gold medal since the start of the Olympics.

The parrot, let us remember, has beat cancer (Hodgkin lymphoma) in 2019.

China’s Su Yiming scored a victory with 182.5 points. The crowd favorite took the lead in the second round with an impressive jump that earned him 93 points. He already made sure of the win before his last round.

The silver went to Norway’s Mons Roysland, who finished the race with 171.25 points, one point ahead of Parrot.

This is the 16th Canadian delegation’s medal at the Beijing Olympics and the 11th bronze.

2nd place, 3rd place… For me, it’s the same thing when it’s not a gold medal! I’m on the podium, I’m happy! It is still my win to be able to return two medals to Quebec. »

Quote from Maxins Parrot Snowboard

Canadians Mark McMorris (113.75) and Darcy Sharp (87.75) fell twice each and finished 10th and 12th, respectively.

The gold medalist in the event at the Pyeongchang Games, Sebastien Totant stopped qualifying on Monday.

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The 12 contestants made sure to put on an amazing show and the best quickly understood that they would have to get close to perfect in order to land on the podium.

Maxence Parrot had finished first in the qualifiers the day before and was the last competitor to start in the first round. Promontois lacked speed and missed his descent from the start, but he didn’t say his last word.

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And he tried the same trick on his return and this time scored 94 points.

The pressure was constant higher for the last two jumps. I really tried to focus as much as I couldThe 27-year-old athlete said. I did 1800 best method anyone in training this week. I was very proud of that. With a score of 94, I couldn’t have asked for better and was very happy.

The author of the score 89.5 at the start of the day, Su Yiming meanwhile added 93 points to his cumulative score to give himself a serious option on the title.

It all made it to the third and final lap, as Parrot used a new strategy. Choose a jump with a lower difficulty factor in order to get the money.

My original plan was to do two 19th-century runs, and since I missed the first, there was a good chance I’d fall for my last attempt. I decided to go more strategic and do the 1600, which could have given me second place, but I knew I wouldn’t get first.It is to explain.

He landed brilliantly and his 76.25 points were already not enough to reclaim the lead. Quebec took a step down on the podium when Mons Roisland made the last jump.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get very far when descending to the height I wanted. It wasn’t perfectadded the person who has now won three Olympic medals to his name. Mons’ performance and Sue’s performance who took first place, were truly amazing!

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Darcy Sharpe questioned herself until the last minute when it was time to complete this final.

I wanted to try a jump I hadn’t tried before that would push me to the top of the rankings. I was nervous before the start and was afraid to lose hersaid the 26-year-old skater.

He hesitated for a long time and then changed his mind before he started. This lack of guidance made himself feel and crash upon landing.

When you find yourself between two thoughts like that at first, this is the kind of thing that can happen. You have to focus on what you have to do. I had a lot of pressure, but it’s a bonus to be in the final of the big jumpSharp, who focuses more on downhill freestyle swimming, said.

For Mark McMorris, who was temporarily eighth, it was out of the question to make a jump that wouldn’t award him a medal in the end if she succeeded.

There is nothing worse than being fourth or fifth. I wanted to make sure that if I landed on the third jump, I would finish on the podium. I’m glad I went with that in mind.said the bronze medalist in downhill swimming.

That wasn’t enough on my last jump, I almost had! I may have missed a little bit of capacity, but I’m glad I went faster than my second run. It was close and back to the drawing board!

Earlier on Tuesday, Canadians Jasmine Bird and Laurie Bloen finished seventh and eighth in the grand jump final.