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Max Comtois profile: “It’s starting to get weird”

Everyone expected to see Maxime Comtois traded to the Anaheim Ducks at the trade deadline, but Quebecer didn’t switch sides.

Since then, the 24-year-old has played nine matches and collected seven points. But on Thursday night he was ruled out, although unharmed.

“It’s starting to get weird,” Renaud Lavoie said on Friday. jc. The Ducks told everyone in the National League they wanted to trade him, but they only played him 13 minutes a game and were asking for a second-round pick…let’s see!

“Who would give a second-round pick to a guy you want to trade, but not even play in a lost season? They’re one of the worst managed teams in the NHL. It’s all wrong.”

At the end of this campaign, if the Ducks want to keep Comtois, they’ll have to make a qualifying bid of $2.445 million, or it’ll be free as air.

“The way we are currently dealing with him, we give the impression that we are not going to qualify him,” continued Lavoie. It is very strange to see how this file is handled.

“He’s not the best player in NHL history, we agree, but does he deserve to be treated fairly and rightly? The answer is yes. Currently with the Ducks, we’re sliding.”

Watch Renaud Lavoie’s full intervention in the video above.

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