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Matthew Barron explains why he quit Ladies Night

Matthew Barron explains why he quit Ladies Night

was during his visit to sweety saltyOn Thursday evening, Matthew Barron shared the reason for his withdrawal from the popular show Ladies night.

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Remember that Baron was announced as a replacement for the role Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, last winter. He has since withdrew from the project and is a comedian Joey Scarpellino Who will replace him?

During the interview with Patrice BelangerMatthew emphasized that he wanted to prioritize his mental health rather than saying yes to all the projects before him.

In fact, at the time of the presentation of the role in Ladies nightMathieu Baron already had a lot “on his plate” and, with the good advice of his agent, decided to withdraw from the project.

“I listened to myself. We do enough. We are always asked to make videos of mental health days. There, I said to myself, before going there, I will listen to myself and just quit this project, to be able to do everything well,” He told Patrice Belanger.

Remember that the actor will sometimes be on the long-awaited daily news value added taxAnd the Undefensible. He will play the role of a major crime investigator.

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