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Mass Effect 4: The 10 items we hope to find in the game

Mass Effect 4: The 10 items we hope to find in the game


#1 story worthy of the Shepherd trilogy

This is the main origin of the Mass Effect saga : Its crowded world is the spectacle of an epic story full of surprises, choices, and differences as a result, all served up with a plaid narration. Mass Effect Andromeda, the spin-off released in 2017, was somewhat disappointing at this point, far from the high-stakes adventure that Shepard and his crew experienced in original trilogy. to impress the masses, BioWare Above all, you must provide an unforgettable story with this new Mass Effect.

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Will the future of the Mass Effect saga be with or without Shepherds? – Credit(s): Electronic Arts


#2 New main character


At the moment, we don’t know if the game will be a sequel to the Shepard saga, a sequel to Andromeda (which takes place as a reminder 600 years after the original trilogy), or if it will bridge the two sagas. from our side, We just hope BioWare doesn’t make the fan-service choice to bring back Commander Shepard. His story is over and we would like to discover the world of Mass Effect through the eyes of a completely different type of character, with a completely new story. Not necessarily human by the way; Allowing us to choose the ethnicity and origin of our avatar, similar to Dragon Age Origins, would bring something different.

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#3 Attractive and likable staff


How many minor video game characters do you really remember? A priori, very little. Those for Mass Effect are among the few that stand out. Garrus, Tali, Mordin, Liara… The personal stories of the Shepard crew members and the connections we build with them throughout the missions are great to follow. Besides the story, the cast of characters is the second pillar that BioWare should rely on in this new comprehensive impact.


The Mass Effect Trilogy has many unforgettable characters
The Mass Effect trilogy has many unforgettable characters – Credit(s): Electronic Arts


#4 Crucial Choices


This is also what makes Mass Effect Salt: You have to make a lot of hard decisions (Like sacrificing some companions, even entire civilizations, just that) And bear the consequences of our words. Andromeda ditched the trilogy’s pragmatic/matchmaking system to offer more diverse dialogue options, but very little with a real impact on our game. This new opus is an opportunity to rework it all.


#5 Dynamic and tactical gameplay


Andromeda’s disappointment in many points, but not in the gameplay, it’s much more tense than in previous episodes. Especially thanks to the addition of the aircraft package. Le nouveau Mass Effect doit s’appuyer sur cette formule en offrant des déplacements et des esquives dynamiques, tout en gardant un certain côté tactique avec le retour de la roue des pouvoirs et une vraie gestion des coéplacements la choéilquiments, Capabilities…).


#6 The traditional class system


Andromeda introduced a new skill system with customizable “profiles” that can be changed at any time, even in the middle of combat. For our part, we prefer More classic system with very special categories, allowing for better balance and more advanced specialization in our avatar.

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New Mass Effect artwork with Asari (Liara?) in the foreground
New Mass Effect artwork with Asari (Liara?) on top – Credit (credit): Electronic Arts


#7 Engage Additional Content


The Mass Effect is part of the games that offer Best side quests… well, with the exception of Andromeda which offers a set of missions worthy of the least inspiring MMO and without the slightest organization. Optional mission scripting is important, and we want to find a game that prefers quality over quantity in this aspect.


#8 new alien races


Galarians, Asaris, Krogans, Turians, Quarians, Volus… The world of Mass Effect inhabits many extraterrestrial races, each with a rich history. To bring a breath of fresh air, why not introduce new breaths, completely different from those already known?


This artwork shows a new ship in the saga
This artwork shows a ship never before seen in the saga – Credit(s): Electronic Arts


#9 Multiplayer mode


Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda both came with a powerful and well-integrated PvE multiplayer mode. The interest is not only to prolong and enjoy the fun of playing together with friends, but also to be able to play characters other than our hero.And Including non-humans. Of course, solo remains the priority, but finding a multiplayer mode of the same type will not be annoying.


#10 Great soundtrack


The Mass Effect trilogy has distinguished players with its universe, history, and characters, but also through its amazing sound environment and awesome music., written by Jack Wall and Sam Holick. It is a feature that should not be neglected that makes it possible to highlight some scenes rich in emotions or, on the contrary, to strike the stages of combat.