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Mask-wearing among youth: stricter regulations for extracurricular athletes

Mask-wearing among youth: stricter regulations for extracurricular athletes

Young people must wear a mask at all times in extracurricular activities, while athletes who play in a civilian club can remove their face covering during intense physical exertion.

After days of procrastination, public health decided. Wearing a procedure mask is mandatory at all times in student sports. This directive applies to primary and secondary school students, as well as CEGEP and college students. Only the youngest in kindergarten are not targeted.

Instructions are different for hockey or soccer players who train in an urban or associative environment. If the face covering is also “mandatory” for recreational activities or amateur sports, “it is possible to remove the face covering, during intense physical activity,” according to a public health update Tuesday.

Furthermore, children under the age of 10 who train or take lessons outside of school will not have to wear a mask to practice their sport.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the National Director of Public Health called on young athletes and their parents to show “judgment.”

“Obviously if we’re too hot, we’re doing intense sports, we’re on the snow, for example, we can remove the mask if we feel more comfortable removing the mask. But when you find yourself sitting on the bench, even if you’re panting and then you’re next to your mates Or your friends (…) what you have to do is continue to wear your mask as much as possible.” Luc Poelho.

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