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Mary Poppins, Australian heroine

Few people know this, but Mary Poppins is Australian. Finally its author, Pamela L. traverse.

1934, wrote the first Mary Poppins novel

Pamela Travers was born on August 9, 1899 in Maryborough, on the Mary River in southeast Queensland, Australia, about 250 kilometers north of Brisbane and near Hervey Bay. His father was a director of the Australian Stock Bank. After spending the first years of his life in Maryborough, his family moved to Brisbane, then Ipswich, Alora, Bowral and finally Sydney. It was in Sydney that Helen began her career as a dancer and actress, appearing mainly in Shakespeare plays in Australia and New Zealand. At the age of 20, he moved to England in search of fame and literary fortune and used the name PL Travers for his work as a writer.

It was in 1934 that he wrote the first novel about Mary Poppins, this magical and very useful nanny. It was an instant success and the Mary Poppins series – eight books in total (only 2 translated into French) – has been translated into more than 20 languages. Through her character, the author describes how to make children live with full consciousness. There he developed what he considered to be an authentic pedagogy between Maria Montessori and a Zen master. Pamela L. Travers believed that his books were not for children, but for parents and educators. This view was also the source of his deep disagreement with Walt Disney. The writer died in 1996 at the age of 96.

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Boasting the birth of one of the world’s most famous and well-known Australians, the town of Maryborough in Queensland has held a festival dedicated to Mary Poppins every year for more than 10 years in Australia. A festival of colours, music and parades for 5 consecutive days to celebrate the most popular nanny adored by generations of children. Maryborough residents claim that all the main locations and characters from Mary Poppins were directly inspired by their town. Next edition in July 2023…