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Mary May remembers her performance on the closing night of the Francos

Mary May remembers her performance on the closing night of the Francos

Mary May Was happy to find an audience Francos.

It’s Mary-May who will shine with all the fires that Francos’ team could count on during the event’s closing show, which took place this year in September. It’s also clear that the singer loved her experience, and she didn’t hide her emotions on the sidelines of her show.

« Every time I do a big show, it feels like it’s for the first and last time. There are some magical moments that we will never be able to recreate and that is their beauty. Welcoming your weakness, opening up to your inner strength and embracing your imperfection to reach, even for a moment, your own little piece of heaven. Presenting myself on stage without a net and finding myself in weightlessness would always reveal to me. This precious connection between you and me, I will never take for granted. We grew up together, sometimes we go down different paths, but we always find each other. It takes my breath away every time. I love you all. from all of my heart ‘ exclaims the clearly enjoying Marie-May.

« The closing night of the Francos is always high in emotion. Yesterday was no exception. Thanks to the artists, to the public, to both the craftsmen and professionals who allowed us to try this exceptional, but very standardized version! We will remember her for a long time », Comments on the organization of the Francos.

Andréanne A. Mallette, Amay Laoni And Clay and friends She was also part of the celebration this year.

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