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Marie-Lyne Joncas remplacera Julie Snyder à La semaine des 4 Julie

Mary Lynne Junkas will replace Julie Snyder in La Semaine des 4 Julie

Yes, comedian and host Mary Lynne Juncas is the one who will replace host and producer, Julie Snyder To the animation in his program week 4 july. As much as we love Marilie-Lyne Joncas, this replacement will only last a week, so don’t worry, our patriotic Jolie will be back at the head of her show!

On her social media, Mary Lynn Juncas shared her excitement about this new (and short) mandate.

« With so much excitement (…orgasm there, nothing sexual) I replaced SNYDER for the next week! (Please take time to rest Tweet embed … She gives me to the end). I have very hot guests including Tweet embed Tweet embed@simon.gouache Tweet embedTweet embed And Tweet embed I’ll save the rest of the surprises for next week! We’re going to have fun! ».

Yes, as you read correctly, several golden guests will join the comedian on the set of the late-night show, including Charlotte CardanAnd Gillen Tremblay, Florence Longbury And one of Mary Lynn’s best friends, Lawrence Labov.

So it’s all happening November 1-4, and we can’t wait to see Mary Lynne Juncas guide the queens on this excellent late-night show.

behind the scenes

Note: Here are two photos of Mary-Lynn Junkas and her friend Laurence Leboeuf’s recent trip to Western Canada!

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