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Mary and Frederik from Denmark: the couple found in Australia at the height of the crisis!

If in collective imagination, Christmas is associated with snowCrown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his wife Princess Mary on the other Loved the sun By the end of this year. couplewith His four childrenChristian, 17, Isabella, 15, and twins Josephine and Vincent, 11, flew to Australia. Country of birth of the princess. Formerly known as Mary Donaldson. The future queen consort of Denmark Born and raised In TasmaniaAn Australian island located south of the mainland.

The princely family Monday, December 19, was spotted at Bondi, one of Sydney’s most popular beaches. In the middle of a shopping spree. The Daily Express It mentions that Vincent, the younger of the couple, was seen with a bag From Orlebar Brown Clothing Store By hand. Mary and her loved ones was later discovered One of her closest friendsAlso a bridesmaid at his wedding: Amber Petty.

PHOTOS – Princess Mary of Denmark clowns around in hospital

Return to country after five years absence

If this trip is announced by the couple, it indicates His big comeback After the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia. The last visit of the entire royal family goes again December 2017 After spending a few days enjoying the beaches in Sydney, the prince, his wife and their children headed to Tasmania for Christmas. with their families. However, Princess Mary agreed A personal solo journeyIn 2021, celebrate His 50th birthday With his loved ones including his friend Amber Petty. Since marrying the Crown Prince of Denmark in 2004, Former Communications Consultant Returned to her native country about ten times but she also did Four official visits As the Princess of Denmark.

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Photo credit: Dana Press / Bestimage