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Martin St. Louis says expectations can change during the season

Martin St. Louis says expectations can change during the season

This morning, at the CH golf tournament, Joel Edmondson said Canadians are looking forward to the playoffs this year. Obviously, these are very high expectations for a club that, as we would say, lacks resources on the ice in 2022-2023.

His coach Martin St. Louis obviously also wants to win, but he has to be more balanced as a coach.

In his eyes, even if the season is new, he doesn’t feel like he’s starting from scratch and has learned a lot in recent months, but he’s not ready to say whether or not CH is rebuilding.

Basically, he will adapt along the way depending on the challenges.

Obviously, the fact that the club is young adds to the uncertainty. The youth will have their ups and downs throughout the season and this will affect the club’s winning column.

Laval has to be an option sometimes.

Kent Hughes said his past as a client taught him that a youngster who does well and is sent downstairs to work on other aspects of his game can take it poorly.

However, Hughes would not hesitate to do so if he felt it was helping the youngster in some aspects of his game, particularly among young defenders. He’ll explain the plan pretty well, though.

As for Juraj Slafkovsky, it will depend. Once again, GM reiterated that what will be best for him in the long run will be prioritized by management. Logic.

GM wants to win, but not at the expense of development.

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Josh Anderson knew after everyone else that Nick Suzuki had become a captain?

– I can’t wait to see the results.

– Cole Caufield, who was thrilled to see Nick Suzuki’s captain, gained weight this summer.

– still?

– Nice shot.

– File to follow.