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Martin Matt, the Influencer?  |  Montreal Magazine

Martin Matt, the Influencer? | Montreal Magazine

I knew Martin died, Winner of the Artisan Male Person of the Year awardHe was an important, influential, and powerful man. But I didn’t know that he could single-handedly overthrow the government.

I’m not kidding. I can’t believe for a second the reason is the text the comedian wrote on Facebook on Saturday. Francois Legault called a press conference yesterday at 5 pm.

But it is very funny to see how there are people who are convinced that when Martin Matt speaks, there is a red phone ringing in François Legault’s office …

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I started laughing when I read, on the account of Eric Dohemi, the leader of the Conservative Party in Quebec: “When a government imposes a curfew and justifies it through a referendum, all it takes is a public exit for a famous comic that the wind is spinning and the Legolt government announced two hours later that it is calling for a press conference Tuesday at 5 p.m., in order to present the dismantling plan. “

Uh, the government announced to us for a few days that the dismantling plan will arrive within days!

I also started laughing when I read essayist and columnist Jerome Blanchett-Gravel: “I’ve always loved Martin Matt, but when society needs a comedian to take an electric shock, and maybe to influence the direction of its government is that it lacks little, if not much depth.”

No, but folks, do you really think that François Legault’s team is checking Martin Matte’s Facebook account to see what the Quebecers think?

Do you think the government needs Martin Matt to know that the majority of Quebecer residents find it silly to be able to walk at twelve in a park, but we can’t eat at four on the balcony? Do you think that François Legault needs the “electric shock” of Martin Matt to realize that the residents are at the end of class, exhausted, depressed, exhausted, exhausted, disgusting, disgusting?

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Do you think the Legault government relies more on Martin Matt than on vaccination numbers, which is excellent?

Do you think Martin Matt is so powerful that he is the one who dictates the agenda of Quebec’s prime minister?

Misery, tell us then that Martin Matt will inject the 5G chip into vaccines, which is a coup!

Columnists, cartoonists and hosts have long complained of feeling suffocated.

Deflation, teachers, athletes, artists are asking us to let the population breathe.

But does the Legault government only listen when Martin Matt says this?

Sorry to launch your balloon, dear friends, but if Martin Matt really wanted to use his “influence” over the government, don’t you think he would have gone out aggressively at Artis’ party when he had a microphone in front of him and an audience of a million and two hundred thousand people hanging from his lips?

Hi there! As the other will say.