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Martin Matt is tired of confinement

Martin Matt is tired of confinement

Martin Matt began to tire of confinement. The famous comedian wrote a long blog post about him on Sunday on his Facebook page, which tens of thousands of people have loved.

This year’s male character at Artis’ latest party, Martin Matt, started laughing less. Creator Beautiful harassment She decided to take advantage of her imposing social media platform to express her lack of understanding of the health measures dictated by the Legault government.

On Sunday, the comedian said he’s upset when he learns that the Education Minister thinks CEGEP and college students won’t be able to return to school until 2022.

“They’ve been going to school in their room for a year and a half! It seems to me that working on a solution so they can go to school in person is a priority for me,” Matti writes. Every day we talk about the number of cases, hospitalizations, very little depression, failure or Drop out of school, however it is linked. “

Busy parks

The comedian added that he had these thoughts while meeting with some friends in a park “crowded with people”. “We saw restaurants closed, some final. Coming home, sitting alone in the yard, I thought to myself: It seems to me that it wouldn’t be so bad to have the right to invite a friend out! “

In two days, his Facebook post received more than 73,000 likes.

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