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Martin Frank, Francine Ruel and others in a series on Gabriel Roy

Martin Frank, Francine Ruel and others in a series on Gabriel Roy

Radio Canada announces the start of filming for the series The world of Gabriel Roy, We focus on the story of the famous writer of the same name.

The drama series will feature eight novels inspired and adapted from the work and life of the famous writer. It evokes significant moments from his childhood and youth, with its centerpiece being the family home on Dechambault Street in San Boniface, Manitoba.

The series will be filmed in Winnipeg.

Léa-Kim Lafrance and Romane Denis will star as Gabrielle Roy at the age of twenty-nine, while her parents Martin Frank and Gaston Lepage will be played by Francine Royle and her grandmother. Charlie Florent, Marie-Yves Fontaine, Carla Turcot and Eleanor Loiselle play her older sisters.

Around them, we find many Manitoban and French-speaking Canadian actors including Micheline Marcheldon, Eric Blamondon, Laura Loser, Gabriel Josselin, Alice Molot, Franck Chorbion, Charles Clement and others.

« We are very proud to see this first dramatic series filmed in Manitoba come to fruition and as a tribute to one of the most prominent figures in our literature. ‘,” Radio Canada General Manager Danny Malloul announced.

« If Manitoba recognizes itself in Gabriel Roy, it is because she was able to translate into words what our mothers lived and still live in the prairie. Today, all of Canada recognizes Gabrielle Roy, which explains our pride in assembling a team representing all the major regions of French Canada to share their passion and bring their talents in order to celebrate Gabrielle Roy’s work. Adds Executive Producer Louis Paquin.

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The series will premiere on ICI’s Extra, before landing on public radio broadcasts.