You are currently living a very beautiful love story, Léa reveals the condition she placed on the production Married at first sight.

Crazy love.

Married at First Sight is definitely one of the most popular dating shows on TV. There are many candidates, eager to find a shoe to match. Some succeed while others leave disappointed. Leah, this season 7 nominee, is part of the first category. Indeed, she found her happiness in the arms of Emmanuel.

Their first meeting took place in Gibraltar. And when they came immediately, They did not hesitate to say yes at first sight. Then they went on their honeymoon to Portugal. over time, The two lovebirds got to know each other and fell in love with each other. Their story is worthy of a real movie.

Emmanuelle, the perfect partner for Léa.

You should know that Married at First Sight tries to prove to us that when two people agree according to certain studies, they will fall in love. So, Production marries strangers it deems compatible and complementary. Viewers then can’t wait to see if their predictions are correct.

If it often happens that things go wrong and the two people cannot get along, this magic also happens. Such was the case with Léa and Emmanuel. In reality, These two complement each other very much and know how to understand each other. Besides, they end up accepting each other’s lives and accepting the fact that they are now one. As proof of this, Emmanuel makes a gift to Leah’s son. He is also a father, and is ready to share his life with his wife, Leah, and accept his son as his family.

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This condition imposed by Leah on the production of Married at First Sight

When she decided to take part in Married at First Sight, Leah ran into a problem. So I decided to impose a condition on producing the show. If the latter accepts her condition, she will make the decision to participate in the show. Otherwise, she will abstain from voting. He is pleased, Pre-production presentation.

His condition was that his son should be kept out of the spotlight and especially from this story. In reality, She does not want him to be a victim of his own experience and decisions. Moreover, she regrets what is currently happening to her relatives that the production has come to light in the last episodes of the show. In reality, His relatives, especially his brother, are now being attacked by statements and insults from malicious people.