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Marl.  Exxon launched back into space

Marl. Exxon launched back into space

Axon technology is often found in space … © Illustration PIxabay

Behind the gates of the company’s secure buildings Axon’Cable From MontmirailWe’re working on the future. Consistently ahead of its time, Axon is working on projects that allow for increasingly bold developments. This is particularly the case with transmission harness From the data that is processed VEGA C missile. It is far from trivial. without this advanced technologyrelease Rocket and his career inouter space It will be a blind trip.

Two major families of cable

For Axon engineers, technical terms are routine, but for starters, it’s another matter. To simplify, one engineer explains: “You have two families of cables. Those called power cables which are used to transmit power for electrical appliances in particular or even light bulbs. Then you have weak current cables that are used to transmit information. You find them in computers or at the heart of high-end devices.” You find them in airplanes or even more specialized in missiles. These cables are very important because they allow the transmission of data and information.”

Successful first flight

For Axon, getting involved in launches is nothing new, but it always remains a challenge. After many participations in launches in the past, Axon continues to provide its expertise to the European Space Agency – ESA, for future launches.

The Vega C rocket, which launched on July 13 from the Kourou Space Center, is the first in a long line of launchers partially equipped by the Montmirail plants.

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Previously, Axon already provided data transmission tools for Vega missiles. Vega C has already put seven European satellites into orbit around the Earth. Data transmission cables have an essential function in operating this missile. put in 4e And the final stage of the rocket, transmission belts allow perfect communication between the various elements of the spacecraft.

On the same machines, Axon provides equipment for power distribution, command transmission and telemetry.

If for the vast majority of observers it remains a very complex language, for Axon engineers it is a lingua franca.

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The best French know-how

What is much easier to understand is that Axon is a pride not only of Montmirail or the Marne, but more broadly of France and all of Europe. This futuristic company continues to excel in advanced technology. The trust that the European Space Agency has given Montmiraille is due to many factors. Axon has always demonstrated solid reliability. Indeed, on top of the limitations of technical, thermal, mechanical and extreme miniaturization, space projects leave no room for error. The slightest failure can lead to the failure of the mission.

decades of experience

We now know that Axon’, operating since 1990, has accumulated experience and a good reputation that makes it one of the leading specialist companies in France and Europe.

In Montmirail, the future is being built…

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