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Market Post-market sustainable movement begins with collaboration with providers

31.03.2021 – 09:09

Then the market

Then the market begins to cooperate with the stable movement providers

The eco-friendly electronics movement meets: the second-H market
Collaborates with and -electronic sharing service providers Nextbike, Washer, Greenwheels and Voi

Berlin, March 31, 2021Then the market, Europe’s leading market for used and refurbished electronics, launches a new federation today: With the purchase of an upgraded electronics device, customers are getting a travel loan worth 45 45 for sustainable motion providers. The movement operates in collaboration with four key players in the field: Next bike, Share, Greenwheels And Butter. In addition to the fight against over-production of electronics, the Persian Fairtech startup pack market wants to draw consumers in Germany to eco-friendly transportation with its mobility package.

The Mobility package encourages everyone to think consistently when making everyday decisions

Electric scooters from Voyage, bicycles from Next Bike, nearby cars from Greenwheels or electric cars from Washer: back market customers drive for free and eco-conscious in the spring. A supplier has a movement budget of up to 15 euros. The Movement package aims to encourage everyone to think consistently when making everyday decisions – everywhere. One recently released on behalf of the Digital Association of Bitcoin Study Shows that every fifth ton of CO2 can be stored using digital technologies. Electronics and motion are especially a part of life in which consumers can save large amounts of CO2 emissions.

“In the back market, as the driver of the circular economy, we have been actively campaigning for a fundamental change of mindset through the high awareness of electronic devices for many years. Through our new partnership, we want to support citizens in general reducing the CO2 trail,” he said. Martin Hockley, General Manager, Germany and Austria at the Back Market.

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Leonhard von Harrock, CEO Next Bike, Says: “As a provider of consistent and flexible mobility on the Next Bike, the collaboration with Pack Market is not only contemporary but also reliable. Collaborations like this can help motivate people about bike sharing and thus improve the quality of life in our cities. We anticipate the synergistic effects of eco-friendly movement and electronics. ”

Jasmine Brenzinger, Country Manager Germany Greenwheels, Comments: “We want to promote and promote consistent movement every day through our station based car sharing. In collaboration with Pack Market, we expect a program that has a positive effect on everyone – end users, operators and the environment. ”

The purpose of the back market: to combat electrical waste and the environmental impact of over-consumption

As a sustainable market, the back market is fighting against the growing electronic waste worldwide and the associated environmental impact. The second hand platform brings together approximately 1,500 dealers worldwide, who sell refurbished electronics that have been carefully remodeled by certified workshops. Pack Market is 70 percent cheaper than newer devices and offers a 36 month warranty. This opens up a safer, cheaper and more sustainable alternative for consumers to buy something new.


Graphic movement set (Credit: Back Market)

Graphic Motion Provider and Credit (Credit: Back Market)

Portrait of Martin Hockley, General Manager, Germany and Austria (Credit: Back Market)

Portrait of Leonhard von Harrock, CEO of the next bike (Credit: Next Bike GmbH)

Portrait of Jasmine Brenzinger, Country Manager Greenwheels (Credit: Privacy)

Then about the market

Founded in France in 2014, the Startup Pack Market is one of the first European online markets for thousands of electronic devices remodeled by certified workshops. Founders Thibaut Hugh de Loros, Quentin Le Brewster and Viennie Wood are confident that the remanufactured devices will be able to meet the needs and needs of consumers. As the driver of the circular economy, the back market wants to make a decisive contribution to the fundamental change of mindset and wants to reduce electronic waste. Currently represented in twelve countries (France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Japan and the United States), the company has more than 450 customers in Paris, Bordeaux, New York, Prague and Berlin.

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