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Mario Party Superstars se dévoile à l'E3 2021.

Mario Party Superstars, five boards from the Nintendo 64 era, and 100 mini-games from the entire series

Collection of Mario Party boards and mini games.

Race Peach’s birthday cake for maximum stars or do your best not to lose all your space station coins when Bowser Coin Radius countdown drops to zero in Mario Party Superstars. Whether you’re collecting coins to get more stars in board game mode, or just playing freestyle skate mode, you can experience the joys of being the last in the line. In the colors of Champi or Maskass said. All mini games are played using buttons (Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo Switch forefront, nintendo Switch Lite).

Le trailer E3 2021 de Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars will be released on October 29th on the Nintendo Switch.

Le gameplay E3 2021 de Mario Party Superstars

Start the festivities anytime, anywhere on a single console, wirelessly or online. The game is automatically saved after each round when playing with friends in board game mode, allowing you to maintain your progress from session to session. Additionally, you can use stickers to encourage other players on the board. All game modes are also compatible with online play, and you will be able to compete against your friends or opponents from all over the world in a few mini-games in a quick session or in a marathon of over 30 laps.

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