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Marielle leaves her tears posthumously at Star Académie

Marielle leaves her tears posthumously at Star Académie

Teachers rescued her this Sunday after her interpretation of I love you, I loved you and I will love youWritten by Frances Cabril, Marilye Dorion is already being evaluated. There is no relief for Montreal, who could not control her emotions in the face of Lara Fabian’s criticism during the autopsy.

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Like every Sunday after Variété, the academics met with their principal on Sunday 6 March at the end of the evening to review the show. While listening to the opening number with Angèle, Marielle herself noticed a certain lack of precision during the song. Let’s forget everything.

Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

Apparently afraid to live with the star, Marily was a victim of nervousness. The young woman admitted that she lost her temper during the number and took advantage of the moment. Then Lara Fabian explained to her that there was nothing wrong with that per se, but that she still had to get the scalpel out.

“It’s okay to be free and in a comfortable zone, but not if it affects performance. We should never give up focusing on ourselves. I think the added value of being ourselves is important and you deserve to discover it,” said Lara.

Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

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Later post-mortem, once the ratings were announced, Lara then considered Marielle’s solo performance.

The Academy was very proud of her interpretation, but the director still had a few notes, especially about the liberties Marilly took in the melody to adapt the song to her style. This is where the tension escalated.

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Lara explained, “There were some really good things about your performance, but you took liberties and ended up changing the song, so I think the audience is lost.”

Marielle did not get along with the director at the time.

Reply to Lara, frankly, I take your comments, but I’m proud and I wouldn’t have tuned out otherwise since I felt like it.

Then Lara tried to reassure Marily, explaining to her that in the end the teachers chose her for this, because she wanted to put her color in her art, that they believed in her talent and admired her.

Then the director proceeded, and began to dissect Jeremy’s performance. On the other hand, unable to hold back her tears, Marielle hurried to leave the living room.

Watch Marielle’s reaction here:

Soon during the autopsy, Marilee returns, explaining that she does not want to be rude, but that she finds it inappropriate to cry during Jeremy’s happy number. We understand that!

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