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Marie-Chantal Tobin has a little Facebook scam problem

Marie-Chantal Tobin has a little Facebook scam problem

Singer Marie-Chantal Tauban had to appeal to her fans on Monday to address the fraud attempt.

And he is known: do not believe everything that is written on the Internet. (But you can believe the last sentence.)

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For example, if you receive a message on Facebook from Flora Fournier, whose profile picture is a photo of the singer you once had to look in the eyes of and who claims to be the last, then you should not believe it.

As strange as it may sound, this is actually the scheme devised by a person who does not want to work and who prefers to deceive the poor into trying to extract a few dollars from weak souls.

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Marie-Chantal Tobin bullets the “i” and crosses out the “t” in a Facebook post where only one word is capitalized: “DÉNONCEZ!”.

If you see this kind of message with my photos and name not mine…. denounce! Don’t write to me, act. Thank you for denouncing Umm Luv

Posted by Marie Chantal Tobin on me Monday 30 May 2022

“If you see this kind of message with my pictures and a name that is not mine…. Report! Don’t write to me but act,” writes the person with a Amazing new work.

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In the comments below the post, a fan of MCT said that he had been in contact with Flora Fournier and that the latter tried to defraud him.

Most of the other reviewers said they reported and blocked the fake account, which is the right thing to do.

Be careful on Facebook, friends!

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