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Maribere leaves Morand and sends a message directly to Etienne Boulay

As we know, Maribeer Maureen went to therapy to settle her addiction after all the scandal that broke out in July 2020.

Maribeer is gradually returning to the media field in Quebec and one of his first projects was the “podcast” called Grain D’Espoir.

This is where she discusses addiction with many well-known and lesser-known personalities from Quebec. Many topics were discussed and the speakers also spoke into the show microphone.

Maribeer Maureen has been sober since her treatment and is very proud of that…and we can understand! We know how hard it can be to get out of it, especially after years of use.

Etienne Boulay was one of the first guests on his podcast. The former soccer player and now media personality is also a former substance addict.

In the past hours, he posted a picture that meant a lot to him.

Etienne is seen holding a sign that reads “6 years”. He’s celebrating six years of sobriety today and that’s great news!

Maribere, moved by this, went out to send a message to Étienne Bolay.

Here is what Maribeer Maureen posted as a post with the photo in question:

Well done my friend. 6 years. It happens day after day. You are an example to me and many others. Thank you for inspiring us 💚

And this is the image in question… We can see Etienne holding a “6 years” banner with the text Maribeer at the bottom…

see below:

Congratulations on 6 years of sobriety! We understand that Maribeer wanted to send a message to Etienne for this! One day at a time, in fact!

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See link Maribeer Maureen posts pics of her look as a new mom over the holidays…and gets people to react…especially in the fourth! see below:

Maripier Morin posts pictures of her look as a new mom over the holidays

Photos: Maribere Morin and Etienne Boulaye page